Ekocoil is a longterm OEM partner already for several companies , including companies in the marine sector.


We are continuously developing our processes and operations in order to serve customers better. We want to be the most dependable OEM partner in the industry.


Our strengths:


  • Fast and easy design & dimensioning with our own Optimizer software. Saves time and costs.
  • Decades worth of experience at your service. Help and support throughout the whole delivery process.
  • We are a technology leader in counter-flow plate heat exchangers
  • Fully optimized solution provides a perfect match for the requirements of each case -  no compromises. Easy integration to rest of the system.
  • Optimized solution is also an cost effective choice.
  • Flexible delivery times.
  • We have the expertise to design, develop and deliver solutions also for special cases and demanding conditions.


Oy Ekocoil

Sales: +358 3 644 000

Osoite: Leppäkuja 3, 14200 Turenki Finland

Eino Talsi Oy

Sales:  +358 40 777 0306

Askonkatu 13 15100 Lahti Finland