Ekocoil manufacturers cross- and counter flow heat exchangers for air-conditioning unit manufactures and for industry needs.


In plate heat exchangers, the incoming and exhaust air are separated by thin aluminum plates. The plates can also be epoxy coated if needed. Since the air flows are completely separated, the Ekocoil plate heat exchangers can be used even if the exhaust air is really dusty.


As a results of extensive research and development Ekocoil presents a completely new kind of range of LEVdry heat exchangers solving some of the key challenges with current heat exchanger design. Thanks to the unique structure of LEVdry condensation water will exit quickly during

running and especially during frosting periods. Only 1/3 of the water amount remains inside the exchanger compared to the old structure.

LEVdry offers:

  • Longer running periods
  • Better air quality
  • Significantly higher annual efficiency rate


The production for our counter flow heat exchanger is flexible and we can quickly manufacture new product sizes according to customer requirements.


Dual seams make the Ekocoil heat exchanger especially well sealed.


In the year 1982 Ekopatter (subsidiary Of Ekocoil) introduced air/air crossflow heat exchanger.


With equal supply and exhaust air crossflow heatexchanger operates with 55 %- 65 % (heat recovery) efficiency. In case of moisture condensation to the surface of the heat exchanger efficiency can increase up 10 %.


Dual seams make the Ekocoil heat exchanger especially well sealed.



Heat recovery from exhaust air for example in apartments, offices, hotels, schools and in industrial spaces.


Ekocoil Solutions:

We can manufacture fully customized plate heat exchangers for special cases and for demanding conditions. These include for example electronic display panels and deliveries made of special material (e.g. epoxy coated aluminum).



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