Finned tube radiators are suitable for heating different kinds of buildings and interiors. They are ideal in conditions where wall space is at a premium, for example in rooms with high glass walls. Eino Talsi Oy’s finned tube radiators are efficient, cost-effective and reliable. They use water as source for heat. Eino Talsi’s finned tube radiators take up little space and their structure is simple.

They come with either wall or floor mounts as needed.


Due to finned tube technology the heating surface is vast compared to the outside measurements of the product. This enables efficient heat exchange. Finned tube radiator is also easy to keep clean.




The finned tube radiators can be tailored to suit to varied types of applications. They can be manufactured in many different colors, shapes and sizes. The numerous customization options will guarantee that the finned tube radiator will support the architectural vision and as well answer the individual heating requirements of different spaces. The "vintage" like appearance makes finned tube radiator a good fit for renovation sites.

Product brochure, measurements and formula for calculating heat emission in documents-page.


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