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Eino Talsi Oy

The Oy Ekocoil Group is formed by three companies: The parent company Oy Ekocoil and its subsidiaries Ekopatter Oy and Eino Talsi Oy. Together these three can offer one of the most versatile product portfolio in the market.


Ekocoil has one of the most extensive product range of dry coolers, condensers, air-to-air heat exchangers, heating, cooling and heat recovery coils in Europe. Its product portfolio also includes gravity coils and fan air coolers. The products can be used in many types of environments and conditions.


Ekocoil has strong background and many of years of experience from different  industries including comfort ventilation, cooling of electronics and variety of energy related companies. Ekocoil is an OEM manufacturer for several leading companies in the industry and it has customers among air conditioning unit manufacturers (application to heating, cooling and heat recovery etc), in commercial cooling & freezing and in energy- and process industry.


The company has two facilities in Turenki; in Leppäkuja and in Rastikangas with over 10 000 m² of production area and over 70 employees.


Ekocoil has a certified ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environmental Management System.

Ekocoil Group Environmental Policy

Ekocoil Group designs and manufactures several different kinds of solutions for energy efficiency and heat recovery. Our goal is to provide our customers with high-efficiency, energy saving solutions.


Environmental values and energy efficiency are considered already at design phase. In addition, we are continuously seeking ways to improve the energy efficiency of our own production processes and to minimize waste. We utilize the best possible production technology and research new, more energy efficient product materials.  Energy consumption and waste management are monitored in all our facilities. We expect our suppliers to act responsibly both in environmental and in social matters.


Our environmental policy and goals are communicated actively to our own personnel and to stakeholders. We monitor the effectiveness of the environmental management system and aim for constant improvement.


Environmental certificates are available in the documents page.


Eino Talsi Oy was founded in 1945. It manufactures air preheaters and heat recovery coils, economisers, steam heated combustion air pre-heaters, interior heating radiators and other fluid-gas heat exchangers.


The company has dozens of years of experience of designing and manufacturing finned tube products. The main customers are energy producers, metal and wood processing, chemical and food industry.


Eino Talsi is based in Lahti with around 10 employees.


The company follows certified ISO 9001 and ISO 3834-2 quality standards in its production.

Ekocoil Group Quality Policy

It is the core of our business strategy that everything is done with high quality. Our certified quality management system complies with the requirements of ISO9001:2015.


Quality management system not only guarantees quality for our customers, but it is a tool for us to monitor, develop and improve our operation. The quality of our work is constantly being tested through Ekocoil products, which are being used in different kinds of conditions. Our operation is built on flexibility, trust and partnership. We optimize throughout the whole production chain, in order to meet the customer requirements. We aim at maintaining close and long-standing customer relationships. High quality is a must also for our suppliers and sub-contractors.


Key elements of our quality policy are:

  • Concrete quality targets throughout the whole organization, which are measured and monitored regularly.
  • Competent, committed employees and sufficient resources.
  • Long-standing relationships with suppliers, who are also expected to follow high quality standards.
  • Flexible and efficient production methods.
  • Constant learning and development.


All Quality Certificates are available in the documents-page.

Oy Ekocoil


Address: Leppäkuja 3, 14200 Turenki, Finland

Eino Talsi Oy

Phone:  +358 40 7770306

Address: Askonkatu 13 15100 Lahti Finland