Heating, cooling and heat recovery is done in thousands of buildings using Ekocoil products.

For example the Ekocoil heat exchangers, condensers and finned tube radiators play a key role in energy efficiency and coziness of shopping centers, homes, offices and sporting halls. Ekocoil is an OEM partner to several air handling equipment manufacturer. We offer an ih-house software to help with the heat exchanger sizing.


Our products also have applications in different kinds of power plants and other types of energy production facilities . We understand that safety, durability and energy efficiency are imperative features for products used in these kinds of environments.


We offer solutions for different types of industry sectors. Our products can be dimensioned for large capacities and they are suitable for dusty spaces, corrosive liquids, very high/low temperatures and other demanding circumstances.


Our versatile and flexible product range enables us to cater the needs of many different kinds of industries. Ekocoil products can be found from ships, mobile networks, information displays and from server rooms.


Products and components from Ekocoil help food industry and food resellers to ensure the freshness, safety and shelf life of their products.


The finned tube radiators from Eino Talsi Oy are an efficient and distinct solution when planning the heating for different kinds of spaces. Finned tube radiators can be made in many colors and shapes and are thus adaptable to unique spaces and requirements.

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